A long way to go

When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!
When work is a duty, life is slavery.

Maxim Gorky.

Today there are too much of everything: joy, sorrow, work, to-dos...
I just humbly try to taste life since 1988.

Things I Do

in a more iconic way..

  • start a business
  • live in a metropol
  • use subway a lot
  • take cabs a lot
  • use gps instead of asking
  • have BA degree
  • use Turkish Lira
  • love archiving
  • love data & charts
  • love financial solutions
  • love automation
  • love scheduling
  • love creative commons
  • love checklists
  • love cloud solutions
  • love my girlfriend
  • love measuring
  • love gaming
  • love elegant things
  • love home
  • love Logitech keyboard
  • love to see things grow
  • love classical&jazz&latin
  • love plug & play solutions
  • love customization
  • love DIY & maker culture
  • love taking notes
  • love to meet you!
  • briefcases are cool
  • Google rocks!
  • Spreadsheets rocks!
  • Spotify rocks!
  • Stack Overflow rocks!
  • Steam rocks!
  • Wordpress is cool
  • against ban
  • not against surveillance
  • hate noise
  • hate children
  • hate faxing
  • hate using cash
  • hate football
  • try (& fail) to read a lot
  • try (& fail) to be punctual
  • try (& fail) zero-email
  • try (& fail) to stay healthy
  • try (& fail) to leave city
  • learn sys-admin
  • learn coding
  • learn databases
  • learn command line
  • learn Linux
  • code with Notepad++
  • lots of whatsapp
  • still use desktop PC
  • still use Windows
  • refrain from downloading
  • watch (torrent!) movies
  • do sort things
  • do Skype a lot
  • have an Android phone
  • have Google Plus
  • have Linkedin
  • don't have any Apple
  • don't have Bitcoin, yet
  • don't have Facebook
  • don't have Foursquare
  • don't have Instagram
  • don't have Pinterest
  • don't have Tumblr
  • don't have Twitter
  • don't use Vine

A Few Failures

You can find my failures & lessons learned below.

Didactive Internship

I did internship in two well-known IT companies in Turkey. What I've learned is that corporate life is not for me and career in corporate, big companies is inefficient for fast-learning & self-development. It is wise to do internship during university years.

Non-dedicated project life

During university years, I've participated in various projects & start-up attempts which failed or didn't last second month. What I've learned is that both myself and my team should dedicate, focus on the project in order to get the job done & success.

Labour theorists can exploit you, too!

I took part in various academic researches during my bachelorship which means I'm very lucky to experience academia very early. What I realized is that it has its own political economy and even labour theorists can exploit you if you let them.

Partnership is fragile!

We've started a production company during senior years. Everything went well until partners were offered prestigious jobs and they were going to graduate, so their interest in our partnership diminished. Choose your partner wisely.

Getting Things Done

We attempted a start-up which will stream stage theater movies globally. We couldn't even shoot a single movie, since we lost our valuable time with planning, dreaming and trying to get seed fund. Lesson learned is just take action immediately!


I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Please send an e-mail in order to reach me.
I will try my best.